Sunday, September 7, 2008

'Prayed for 1, but Blessed with 4'

Hello, Everyone! Hope you are all looking forward to another great week! We have no idea what adventure may or may not be in store for us this week! It is hard to believe that we have made it this far!!! As you all know 29 weeks is the average gestational age of a quad. We have surpassed week 30. Wednesday will mark the completion of week 31!!
I still think back on how it all began. This journey started a couple of years ago with many months spent on the emotional roller coaster ride of "Are we pregnant? No, not this time!) We prayed continuously for God's will. We were very close to giving up! We prayed for the right doctors, and we've been surrounded by the very best doctors and staff from the beginning! Thanks Dr. Conrad, Dr. Harper and staff! We really appreciate you guys!!
In February, things were definitely different! As usual I was hoping we were pregnant, and I really felt like maybe we were. Of course after months and months of hoping this, you start to doubt your feelings on these things. I will never forget taking that pregnancy test and waiting forever for the results. I also will never forget the next 7 I took after that to make sure it was right. HAHA! I remember being overcome with emotion and thinking that there was no way we were actually pregant. I did not have the heart to tell Benjy until the results were verified with a blood test. He had been a passenger on the roller coaster ride as well, and I did not want to tell him and get him excited only to disappoint him if we weren't. I had to wait 2 long days to find out if we were actually going to be parents! WHAT A LONG WAIT!! The thrill of getting to tell him the results and seeing his face made not only that 2 day wait melt away but also the hard months of disappointment. Little did we realize that the waiting had just began. We had to wait a couple of weeks for our first ultrasound. Wow! What a day! We arrived at Dr. Harper's office full of excitement and anxiety! As soon as the ultrasound started, I saw the screen and commented, "Is that two babies?" Christina (the nurse doing the scan) said, "MMM.. I think I see two with a possible third. Let me get Dr. Harper to take a look." Dr. Harper came in and saw 2 heartbeats and decided that the third sac was just fluid. He quickly told us that the chances of us having 3 babies was less than 3 percent!!!! We were told to follow up the next week. We left that day with me telling Benjy that we would be normal and take our twins everywhere with us. I did not want us to be the kind of parents that leave your kids at home. The next week we were back to verify our twins. I walked into the exam room and laughingly said that it better be 2 that I could handle 2 but not 3...haha...little did we know what a great sense of humor God really has!! As soon as Christine started the exam, she went to get Dr. Harper. He comes in and looks and looks...and yes he was floored...there was not 2..not 3...but 4!!! Our chances of 4 were less than 1 percent. Not one time since that moment have I been sad about having 4!! We are absolutely thrilled to finally be having our family! I did however ask if it was too late to start smoking crack..haha! My view on the whole thing was that if I wasn't freaking out then NO ONE could freak out! They told us to return for another follow up ultrasound the next week, and I think we both said NO!!! in unison! We were not sure if they were multiplying by 2 or just adding 2 each week...but we were sure we were good with 4...haha! We left that day with me telling Benjy that we were definitely going to be the parents that left our kids at home and couldn't take them with us anywhere..haha!
Every day has been a huge blessing! We have surpassed all expectations placed on quad pregnancies. This is all due to the power of prayer! We knew from the beginning that we were facing a very high risk pregnancy. Until our fire drill Friday, it has been as smooth sailing as possible! We were told bedrest at week 20 if not before if we started having problems....I was able to work until week 24! We were told we may have hospital bedrest as early as week 26 or 27....we are still at home...but expect to be there anyday! We were told by the NICU neonatologists that they would see our babies at week 29....well as you know they aren't there yet!! WOW! We've been blessed!! Thank you for all your prayers!!!!
We know our adventure is just beginning. We expect our babies any day now! Many obstacles and hurdles will be faced in the many days, weeks, months, and years to come! One thing we all need to learn is that we are not in control!! God is in control! What a great thing that is!!! We continue to pray for 4 healthy babies!!
A friend of ours (Thanks, Sara!) sent me a link to a blog of another family with quads. On thier opening page, they have written, "We Prayed for One and Were Blessed with Four!" Benjy and I feel the same way! Once again we thank you all for your prayer! May God bless each and every one of you!! Jo Ann


Misty said...

Hello from a fellow quad MOM! I just found your blog and am so excited for you~ 31weeks!!! WOW! I made it to 30weeks and all of mine are so healthy and happy. I will now add you to my prayer list. Congratulations! Please feel free to email me anytime with questions or things that worked or didn't.
Misty (MOM to gggg quads 22months)

Sonya said...

Hey guys,
Great update!!!We were at Sams Saturday night and a man was pushing a stroller that had 3 babies in a row, they looked like triplets. Billy and I looked at each other and smiled..It was the cutest thing. And yes JoAnn the mother looked great. She was even smiling while she was shopping!! I guess with three more mouths to feed she needed to be a Sams club member. We are so excited for you guys!!!Maybe you guys need a bus!!!

Sweety said...
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jag said...

31 weeks Wednesday! Congrats! We are also 31 weeks prego with quads. We'll be praying for you.

Angela said...

Congrats on your 4 little blessings..I will pray that everything goes smoothly for you guys. I know you guys are so excited. I love reading all the updates.

Im sure you are wondering how I found you. I work for ProAssurance which carries your wifes Malpractice insurance.

Bob and Judy Williams said...

Congratulations to you both. These babies are such a blessing. We are friends of Barbara and Jim's in Murfreesboro. We'll keep the prayers going here along with the rest - God bless.
Bob and Judy Williams

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog thru Mistys, wow doing great. My daughter is 16wks 4days with quads here in Phoenix. We are hoping to do as well as all of you seem too!! Will check back for more updates, and best wishes--

jag said...

We got your comment on our blog and were wondering how you're doing. Keep us posted when you can.

Anonymous said...

Barbara and I(Jim) are Benjy's parents and Jo Ann's in-laws.
We can hardly wait for the quads to make their that we can introduce them to our 15 other grandchildren.
jim and Barcara Crim

Wanda Langley said...

Hey guys it's Wanda. Just heard about your blog and couldn't wait to check it out. You are going to be such great parents. Your babies are so blessed to have you two as parents. I can't wait to see them all dressed up at church when they are able to come. Love ya'll Wanda