Monday, September 29, 2008

Delivered in 30 Minutes or Less

Hey, quick update, sorry for the delay. Jo Ann's surgery began at 7:00 Friday morning, everything went just as planned or maybe even better. By 7:20 all 4 babies were delivered. First was Anna Claire - 4 lbs. 2 ozs., then Price - 4 lbs. 9 ozs., then Finn - 4 lbs. 15 ozs., then Carter - 3 lbs. 9 ozs. And they're all doing very well! Sometimes we borrow worries, and fear things that never even happen. Not one of our babies looks like Winston Churchill. They're beautiful. Every one of them. I hope they're ours. I will post some pictures very soon...promise. We don't know when they'll be able to come home, hopefully we'll find out a little more in the next few days. Jo Ann and I have been here for 2 weeks, and we're going home tomorrow. Woohoo! By the way, if you're a husband who someday finds yourself witnessing your wife's C-section and you see smoke and smell something burning, don't panic, she's probably not on fire.


Andria said...

yes, my husband would agree with you, "she's not on fire" - but don't look!

Congrats on your babies! They all sound like great weights. I hope JoAnn is recovering well and those babies make it home in no time!

Just a lurker from Sacramento!

The Texas Trio said...

Congrats on the birth of your babies! Welcome to parenthood 4 times over.

God is amazing and I know He will continue to watch over you and your family.


Anonymous said...

One doesn't know the true meaning of unconditional love until you have a baby. God bless you all threw your new adventure in life.
Congratulations Benjy and JoAnn on your precious little gifts from God.
Roxanne Harris
mom of 2

Anonymous said...

We're so glad Joann was able to go home. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed! We pray Finn, Price, Anna Claire and Carter will be able to join you soon. We love you.
Olin and Martha