Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Tooth...UGH!!

First tooth today.....asking for the car keys tomorrow!! Anna Claire is now getting her FIRST tooth!!! I can not believe it! Why do they grow up so fast!! Miss Anna Claire, you better just stop growing so fast!! You are gonna make Mommy cry!
Jo Ann

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Enjoy the Moment!

Life is amazing as a mom!! I LOVE IT! I tear up thinking about how blessed we are with our beautiful babies! Nothing melts your heart like the feel of your baby patting you while you rock them...or the smiles they give so freely...or that smell that only a baby has...or the feel of your little one cuddled in your arms...or just getting to watch them sleep!! Enjoy the moment! If I could ever give anyone advice on life it is to simply enjoy the moment! Life changes fast, and I'm sure we miss many things because we are too busy or stressed to notice or enjoy those things! Benjy and I will celebrate four years of marriage soon. Have we enjoyed those special little moments together or simply let them pass? I know that it is human nature to focus on things that are stressful or not quite like you like them...but look at what you are missing! I think having babies will change how you look at life. As someone who struggled with infertility and prayed without ceasing to be blessed with a child, I will enjoy the moment! I think those of us that have been given the opportunity to be parents owe this to those who are currently facing that same struggle, those who have given up on the battle, or those who have lost a child! Benjy and I have been living with so little sleep that it's amazing that we still know our names...but WOW...look at what we have....we have four healthy babies that love us without end...that have faces that light up just by us walking into the room.....we ENJOY THE MOMENT! I encourage you all to go home tonight and focus on how we have all been blessed....God has given us more than we could ever deserve...and we need to take it in and live life with gratitude! I'm tired of turning on the news and hearing about how bad our world is we are in a recession, ect.....those things do not matter...what matters is the love that surrounds you! I know many of you that read this blog are either parents of multiples or soon to be parents of are in for the biggest gift ever! There are lots of new things to keep you all the laundry, dirty bottles, mixing formula, changing diapers, ect....but I can't describe how wonderful it is to be us! We have such an amazing group of people around us...our families, our church family, and our friends...they help us with EVERYTHING! They allow us to enjoy the moment more often. THANK YOU!!
I appreciate all of you who pray for us and love our babies as much as we do....Please ENJOY THE MOMENT!
Jo Ann

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Then and Now


Mr. Finn


Miss Anna Claire