Saturday, August 9, 2008

From Jo Ann

Hello everyone!! We have finally made it past the 26 week mark! The babies are doing GREAT! It's amazing how much progress we see each week @ our ultrasound appointments. Each Wednesday means a celebration for another week of growth for our babies. I continue to pray that our pregnancy will continue for as long as possible. Week 29 is average and is the set goal of our doctor. However, we will go as long as the babies and me are doing well. I'm just finishing up my third week of complete bedrest. I assure you that this is not fun but is worth every minute. God has blessed me with a devoted, loving husband that has truly gone beyond the call of duty to help with my care. I'm also blessed with wonderful family members who are staying with me. My mother-in-law spent this week with us. She was a huge help! Next week will be my mom. I'm fortunate to have people who will do whatever it takes to give our babies the best start in life. I want to thank you all for the thoughtful prayers, cards, e-mails and calls! A special thank you to the young ladies at Farley Comm. Church for the gift basket of books, puzzles, etc!! Also thanks to all of you that have provided books, dinner, and baby things.
My office staff has been incredible during this time! Without these wonderful ladies I would be lost! It is such a blessing to have people that you trust and respect on your team! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm also thankful for the wonderful Dr.'s covering for me during my absence. You have allowed me to walk away from the practice and focus on what is necessary for my babies! With you all there, I know I can have a sense of peace about the treatment my patients receive. You guys are the best! I really appreciate you!
We have had no complications or problems thus far and that is due to the power of prayer. We are on prayer lists across the county, the state and in other states! Please continue to keep us in your prayers! Thank you! Jo Ann

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Sherry said...

Hey JoAnn and Benji; Thank you for the blog. You are going to be wonderful parents. Looking forward to 4 more babies in the nursery. Blessings, Sherry