Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby Clothes

Not much to add this week, other than Monday's checkup. Our Dr. clarified 'bedrest' for us, which practically boils down to 23 hours that Jo Ann is to spend lying down each day. The other hour is to be set aside for her daily shower and travel time - bed to bathroom to bed. While I'm thinking of it, I want to speak to the phenomenal job that Jo Ann is doing taking care of herself and these babies. Impossible to empathize with something I've never done, but her great care to do the right things to give these kids every fighting chance is certainly worth mention. Because of her more restrictive routine, an attendant is required when I'm not here. I think we've got that covered.
We have accumulated tons of baby clothes in the past few months. My mom spent this past week with us, and between cooking and cleaning she found time to wash these clothes and she and Jo Ann sorted them afterwards. Just to watch them, to see Jo Ann holding up each little garment, the sparkle, and the wonder in her eyes, was an absolute thrill for me. She was so detached she had no idea I was watching, pretty cool. Later that night as I passed by the laundry room I caught a glimpse of a little pink and white checked dress on a hanger. I was in a hurry to finish whatever I was doing, but when I saw that little dress, I was spellbound. That dress was hanging in our laundry room, and it belonged there. I think the reason I risk sharing something so mushy is because I'll never forget how I was so gripped with brand new emotions; how I couldn't take my eyes off it trying to imagine what would fill that little dress someday. Amazing.... Alright, that's it for that part, almost feel like I oughta be wearing panties. I really like tractors and football and Ice Road Truckers. It's funny how I think so differently about the boys, figure they'll just be plain ol' boys and not make me tender in the heart like that little girl does. Out of three boys, pretty good chance one of them will someday grow a handlebar moustache, maybe a state horseshoe champion, who knows. Many people have been incredibly supportive and encouraging to us; you know who you are, we thank you all.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your heart with us- how refreshing and joyous to share in your wonder and excitement about your babies. We're so thankful Jo Ann and the babies are healthy, and we continue to pray for all of you. We love you guys, the Nelsons