Saturday, July 19, 2008


Welcome to the CrimQuads weblog. Hopefully this blog will be a useful tool to help those interested in the progress of our pregnancy to keep up with what's happening throughout this exciting process, and even after the little ones arrive. We are now in week 23, hopefully around 7 to 10 weeks from the big day. I am hesitant to even begin this blog because I'm afraid it may be too difficult to keep up. We'll see. Bear with me as I set this thing up, this ain't my strong suit. Kickoff: 6 weeks from today in the Georgia Dome. Yeeha and ROLL TIDE!!!

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see your priorities... football season, babies, just get ESPN 360...

Babies, babies, babies, baby, crap, crap, crap, crap, cry, cry, cry, cry.

Ben and Jo plus FO!!

I'm sure you kids will have a great time, this is awesome.

Big D, Big E, and little JP