Thursday, July 31, 2008

Inside Info

We went to the Dr. on Monday and got mashed some more. Sorta like potatoes. Spudruplets. We are all doing just fine. Growing every day, and our hearts are beating about 150 times every minute. This is the only time Mom and Dad can watch us; ... if they only knew. The Dr. told Mom that hopefully she would not be put on hospital bedrest until around week 30. He told her 26 weeks before. That made Dad very happy, because he said "What!? Whatever happened to 26 weeks?" Probly he was afraid he wouldn't know what to do since Mom's always helping him know. He doesn't have much time to write to y'all since he turned into a slave. And there's really not much to say right now because we're mostly just waiting to get born. Dad don't like to write about stuff that don't matter. He thinks 'if you're gonna bring it, bring it big.' So we're just chillin for the time being, and running out of space quickly. We hope to be out soon because there's not enough womb in here for the 4 of us. We gotta go. Love y'all, please pray for us, Goodnight., CrimQuads

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