Thursday, August 26, 2010

We're Back

Hey everyone, long time, I know, I'll try to do better. We appreciate everyone's interest here, had lots of requests for updates. We've got some awesome pictures that were lost in a hard drive crash, fortunately they are also stored on a friend's computer. I will try to get those posted very soon. I just noticed the spam invasion, I apologize if you come across anything offensive, and try to take the time to get it under control. They're not all bad though. For example, there is a poor old lady named Jbvedpgbv CVlfg snh ;ckf who lives in repubic of mozambicue netherlord spainish republication who is genuinely trying to help me oversee eleventy hundred gazillion us dollars for her. As you can imagine, I'm flattered beyond belief. Just hope I don't find myself tempted to misuse it. Again, I almost  sorta promise I'll update soon with new pictures, I've gotta hurry and get to Western Union so I can get all my personal banking info and cash on the wire.

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