Friday, August 14, 2009

Closing in on our 1st Birthday!!!

Wow! Can you believe our babies are getting close to thier first birthday already? I am amazed at how much they have grown this last year. They continue to melt our hearts daily! I'm not sure if it's Anna Claire's diva attitude, Price being my biggest fan, Finn's adorable laugh, or Carter's kisses that does it the most...but life is great!!
I need some ideas for thier birthday if you have any...please share. I am definitely not very creative. We are thinking just plain and simple. We really plan on it being a day to not only celebrate our little Quad Squad but also a day to thank thier army of supporters. I was afraid it would be a year of survival...but with all of your prayers and support it has gone way beyond that!
We appreciate you all!
Also, I would like for you to all pray for a precious little boy and his family..He is going to be having surgery next week...It will be a long, hard road to get through recovery but he is a tough little man.....We are here for you guys, Stace!! We love you, Cane!! We can't wait to see your smile again soon, little buddy!
Jo Ann


Anonymous said...

It's so hard to believe the first year has already gone by!!! We did bright colors for the first birthday. Party City has great 1st B'day bright-colored things. Have fun!!!! Oh, and Publix will give you four free individual cakes if you order the main one. We got ours at the one there in Hampton Cove.
The Deckers

Anonymous said...

Me and my mom done a party for my friends son. We done baby einstein. The cake was the caterpillar. Each cake was round and the colors of the caterpillar and then placed on the table in the shape of the caterpillar. Really cute. The head we used candy for the eyes and mouth. Then the tables were set up in the same shape as the caterpillar with the same matching tableclothes. It's really hard to explain, so you can call. We also had some really cute food ideas so you need to call. I can't believe they are almost 1. Rilynn will be 2 halloween. It just flies by. Well ttyl


Barry Pickens said...

Benjy and Jo Ann,

Just wanted to let you know I repaired the Fisher Price "Aqua Cradle Swing". I fixed it using a DC (direct current) motor out of a new Air-Wick air freshener, $14, from Walmart. I just the swapped the electric motors, and now they both the swing, and the Air-Wick, work great. Plan on giving it to Rebecca Pickens, our daughter-n-law. Be sure and tell Jo Ann that Becca said she can fill-in at the office, as a dental assistant, if someone needs a day off. Call me for Rebecca's cell phone number, Becca said.

Thanks for the broken, and now fixed, baby swing! I loved holding the quads in the office a few days ago!

Barry Pickens

Anonymous said...

We want it back. The air-wick too. :} Benjy

Anonymous said...

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