Monday, October 20, 2008

Free Time

Wow! 2 weeks since the last update. If you're still following our progress, I'll try and just hit the high spots since the last post. Last Monday, (Oct. 13), Jo Ann and I 'roomed in' at the NICU with Anna C., Finn and Carter. That means we stayed with them in a hotel-like room at the hospital. We were taking all the babies home with apnea/heart monitors, and this gave us an opportunity to make-believe we were on our own, and at the same time have help readily available should we need it. Price didn't participate because he wasn't quite ready to go. On Tuesday morning we took the three of them home. Kinda hoping for one at a time to get broken in, but it was ok. It was hard to leave Price there alone, but he too was finally discharged the following Friday. As it turns out, Jo Ann's Pilot wasn't as big as it looked when I tried to cram 4 infant seats in it, so we swapped vehicles with her Mom until we can find something bigger. We're temporarily using her Expedition which isn't quite large enough either, so in all our spare time we're either loooking for a vehicle like a Suburban or a (gulp) van, or we're not getting a million other things done either. After the 5 of us picked up Price we went to our first appointment with the pediatrician. Lord, have mercy. (That's a plea, not an exclamation.) Anyways we're all home now, and the babies are on a 4-hour schedule, probably will be for some time. Sleep for me until now has been highly underrated. Maximum sleep time between feedings, diaper changes etc. is two and a half hours. Neither of us has been to work since the babies came home, please pray for us to find a way to make this work. Sorry I have to run, I'm going to try to go to work this morning, and somebody's hungry. We're all ok, just tired. Oh yes, Thanks to all of you who are praying for us, encouraging us and helping us by sending meals. We appreciate you!


Anonymous said...

Benjy and JoAnn, We are so glad your family is at home now. I know it will be a struggle for a while but you can do it. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Wish we could get up that way but we've had colds again and wouldn't dare expose you or the babies.

We love you! Olin and Martha

Andria said...

Thinking of you as you go through this tough transition. I'm sure "overwhelming" is just one adjective in your newest vocabulary right now.

Hugs from Sacramento!

Anonymous said...

Got a real cheap Mountaineer we'll sell you! Oh but its only about 1/2 the size it used to be!